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24 Hour Security Monitoring

V.E.S. have many years experience in providing a 24-hour monitoring service, 365 days a year via a manned monitoring station. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to record, monitor and protect a particular building or area, ensuring that security is as high as possible.

Our 24 hour monitoring service is provided by EMCS Independent – an independent Alarm Receiving Centre. Established in 1987, EMCS are fully accredited to NSI Gold, creating complete independence for businesses and homeowners, giving you peace of mind that your security is in safe and reliable hands.

Our Alarm Receiving Centre is completely self-contained. All of our facilities are resistant to both physical attack and power failures, and in the extremely unlikely event of a main system failure, we are still able to provide a continuous, uninterrupted back-up service. We provide a highly skilled and efficient team to perform an outstanding 24 hour monitoring service. Our security systems and services are tailored to suit your own individual requirements, providing cost effective alarm systems, access control solutions and CCTV cameras to protect your home or business.


Standard intruder alarms
Domestic Homeowners
CCTV system solutions
Retail customers
Local authorities
Commercial contracts
Business parks
Educational establishments
Central Monitoring

Types of Alarm Signalling

WebwayOne IP Signalling

WebWay provides an alarm transmission service using shared public or private network connections.  The service can reduce operational costs, increase security and provides remote fix capabilities for the system.  The solution is designed to operate in any network topography, with no restriction on functionality or security.

cenral monitoring officer

DualCom is also a dual path signalling device that works on any standard telephone line. It comes as a grade 2, 3, or 4 unit - the difference being the polling frequency. DualCom GPRS, from CSL DualCom Limited, is an intruder alarm signalling device that uses the mobile network and your telephone and/or IP path to transmit intruder, fire and personal attack signals at high speed.

Redcare (BT)

Redcare GSM is the most widely used because of dual path signalling, meaning it uses both phone line and a GSM path to communicate to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Both signalling paths are constantly polled to verify the communication link is working. The ARC will therefore know straight away if there is any line fault or failure.

Our Commitment

"Many years of experience in the design and installation of these security measures enable us to provide the best security solutions at all times.

It is this individualistic approach which ensures that every system is tailor made, rather the customer being forced to adapt to meet the rigid requirements of an off-the shelf system"

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