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Company Profile

Visual Electronic Services Ltd. trading as V.E.S are a very distinguished company within the security industry, with a wealth of technical knowledge and with over 35 years of combined experience. We service a client database distributed throughout the UK and parts of Europe with it continually to grow.

At V.E.S. we recognised the need for a technically competent company, majoring in Electronic security, so within the industry and with the combination of our expertise in electronics and customer care, we strive to provide an exceptionally high level of service whilst always maintaining a close working relationship with our customers at all times.

With no single security solution being appropriate for every client, the need for a flexible approach is essential. At V.E.S. we facilitate custom-built systems to all customer specifications. VES utilise highly experienced and professional personnel who excel in design, install, commission and whilst maintaining the vast majority of today’s electronic security products. VES are industry leading installers and distributors for many manufactures and over the years acquired the highest levels of accreditation. We offer a very professional, innovative and modern approach to security facilitating customers from procurement stage to completion.

VES Aylesbur Office

Our Commitment

"Many years of experience in the design and installation of these security measures enable us to provide the best security solutions at all times.

It is this individualistic approach which ensures that every system is tailor made, rather the customer being forced to adapt to meet the rigid requirements of an off-the shelf system"

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